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Lets face it , sometimes this is so frustrating and it is a hot topic within the industry. Let’s have a look into what we can do to prepare you for the cancellations you may be receiving.


Our Tips

Mind The Gap

One thing we do see if lots of complaints about cancellations. We know with the current global climate we do have to be a little more flexible due to health, testing ect but we do need to start thinking more positivly and build a strategy to help our business move forward instead of complaining and feeling negative. 

Amy Foxe

Fill Your Time Positively

Steps To Take

I would like to share some steps you can take in order to plan for events in your business where clients have to cancel. Let’s minimise this as much as we can.


Strategy ideas

Ways you can fill the time with paying clients

1.Create a VIP group listing – A group of flexible clients (last minute appointment list with special offers). Using text messaging with this will be easier so that clients can book in right away. Email can take some time for people to check. Sell this to clients when they cant get in they can be added to the free VIP list where they get told deals first.

You can use blast messaging if you have an online platform for appointments – which we suggest you use. We recommend Fresha and Timely. You could also use a WhatsApp list of people which is free and text that group of people.

“Hi we have a gap in our appointment schedule … would you like to book. or ” Do you see yourself booking in for a full set of lashes at 2:00? If so we have a last minute booking available…. hurry it won’t last long.

You don’t need to discount as someone may be interested and just book in. 

2.Check out the clients that have recently cancelled and ask them if they want to book in.

3. Friends and Family

How many of your friends and family always ask for treatments at a discount? Contact them for the friends and family discounted rate… 

This is better than not having any money coming in if option 1 doesn’t work. 

4. Don’t waste your time~! If all options are exhausted use your time wisely. Work on something you don’t normally have time for, or you can simply have some downtime if you need to feel better ect.

Just don’t complain! There is always a list of things that need to be done such as planning for events, social media posts, stocktake, admin.

Helping to prevent gaps is a great way to start also. Rebook always to prevent customers forgetting to book in and this may run the risk that you may not be available for their chosen time. 

An automated messaging service (email and text) will help your clients get reminded about appointments.

Take deposits! You need to cover for your income loss and you need to show each customer your cancellation policy and make it clear!  The great things with software is that they do it for you. If a client books in they will be asked for their card details and will be charged only if they are a no show or cancel with not much notice ect.

Remember to just think positive and use your time wisely!