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Covid Isolation Hacks! Cover All Bases

We have clients all over the world posting on Facebook that they want their lashes back, looking for people that might secretly do an infill desperate for help! We Unfortunately have all had to close our doors recently and now what?


Something comes to mind here…. But this is one of the reasons why you need to increase your prices! Im a broken record I know! But you need to take into consideration savings money and business income insurances. Maybe this is something you can now research while you have time and work out a plan for the new world we are about to see!

The government are helping sole traders so please head over to the MYGOV website for the application process.


Now let’s get talking about our next steps. Firstly for lash extension clients who have lashes growing out…. how can you help them with the lashes? 

We suggest keeping them clean using a foaming cleanser or the Chrissanthie cleanser which also cures Blephritus and helps with many eye conditions.


Secondly help their natural lashes with some extra health and strength so they do not become broken and weak from the trauma of lashes growing out. We suggest Avante lash serum used daily.


By keeping in contact and planning a program for the retun to your salon you are showing you care!








Stay positive!! I know its easier said then done but this will not last forever and I really see this as a way we can sit back and evaluate the business and yourself and plan on what you want to see happen in your business ahead of this.

Keep clients interested with social media posting, product updates and why not try Mailchimp now you have time to learn how to market your business. Its free! 

We will be making plenty of videos for you shortly to help with your business so please stay in contact and follow us on Instagram! @beautyexpressed

 Tip: Why not give your clients a voucher to use for the first appointment back? Use the Avante serum yourself and document this with your clients! Ask them for photos and get interacting…. You can see the growth within 2-4 weeks.


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