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Our Training Institute




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2020 Highlights:

2nd place for educator of the year 2020

Judge for the Lash Open Online classic and volume Competition

GCGIB Service excellence award

Meet Your Head Trainer …

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this page!

As your head trainer I believe in offering you lifetime support. I love this industry and am very passionate about helping you succeed through your journey.  Business can be one of the toughest things to conquer and you need support, Weather you are looking at applying. for a job or building a new business, you need a network of supportive people around you!

I have over 20 years of industry experience and have been a trainer for many years. I like to create training packages that speak to you. We all learn differently and we cater for all types of learning styles.

Every year I am updating skills and carry my current TAE (Teacher Training and assessment) government certificate so I can give you the best education.

I look forward to meeting you as I am passionate about seeing you succeed.

Amy Foxe


NEW Live + Online Courses 2021

Current Online Courses

We are currently working on our new training packages in lash courses. With an update to access to the online training videos for those taking our new online courses or our 50-50 online and in person training!

The benefits will allow you to have full access to the training videos online so that you can refresh your skills and of course come to class with an understanding of the subject, allowing you to focus on the practical side of your training.


You can now join us for semi permanent mascara training online and our new lash lift course online.

In 2021 we will hold online events to see our exclusive demonstrations and in class assessments to help you along the way!


Brows are so important to the face as they change the shape of the entire face with framing.

Watch this video to see how Corrin did with the course  >>>>


We interviewed some students so you could meet them and hear some of their stories. Many of our students come from different industries and are now living the lash life!  View video >>>>

Here is a video from our latest training course February 2020 first semester.

We love hearing what students say about the courses and hope this will help you find the right training for you!


As you can see we are big on support and getting you reaching your goals!



Im sorry to say this but government schools are only teaching a quarter of what you need to know. Many students leave schools feeling lost and not enjoying lashes only to give up because they don’t have the help and understanding. Don’t waste your money! Book in with a school who guarantee your skill level to be at the right stage for growth when you leave! Feel excited and ready to lash when you leave.

We are a recognised training organisation which means you can get insurance and be completely covered in this service.

Read up on what you need to start your business HERE

What You Can Expect When You Join

  • Free Facebook Membership – Offering you support always with educational videos for students only
  • 6 Months Mentoring – We will monitor your progress after class to make sure you feel confident.
  • Invites to events and workshops (Some are free of charge)
  • Small classes of 2-4 students
  • Quality brands to use such as Elleebana and Kelly Baker
  • Help with photography and social media posting

This year winning the GCGIB merit award for service excellence. We have also been a part of some amazing events such as the Pro series fantasy lash competition and year 2020 Judging for the Lash Open world wide competiton.

Why It Is Important That Your Trainer Is Qualified

It is one thing to be a great lash artist but its entirely different teaching a trade. If your teacher is not active in the industry, keeping up to date with new trends you will not get the latest and best informaion. We know the industry is not regulated so this is why we have been a part of the movemnet to creat better education.

Below are just some of the qualifications we hold:

TAE – Ceritificate IV in teacher training and assessment

Elleebana Trainer certificate

Kelly Baker Brow certification

Diploma of beauty therapy

SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions

Angel Wings Advanced Mega Volume 

Starlash Academy Russian Volume Master

+ much more