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Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

A beautiful ‘beachy’ look which is naturally beautiful

Belmacil Tint: 1cm of colour & 2-3 drops of oxidant.

40% honey brown, 60% light brown.

  • 5-7 minutes development meduim colour
  • 7-10 minute development dark colour

For more daring clients

To add more depth wipe off this colour after 5 minutes and add another mix very lightly brushed onto the hair only : honey brown 30% , light brown 60%, 10% dark brown.

Its always a good idea to start with your client with a soft shade and build on it. You can always re apply the same mix and wait for a deeper colour to develop. Make sure you record your mix and developing times.

Fair Mature Skin

A look which just needs a gentle touch

Harsh colours are not a great idea on mature clients or those who have soft facial features.

Stay clear of dark colours!

Belmacil Tint: 1cm of colour &2-3 drops of oxidant.

honey brown 70% graphite 30%

7 minute development

Combatting grey hairs: You can do an oxidant wash or single out the grey hairs and apply a grapihte + oxidant mix to those hairs before you mix your desired colour


Flawless Skin and perfect shaping
If your client has dark features it is ideal to stick with graphite and brown mixes.

Some clients desire more brown as you see in this picture and others may want a gentle colour.
Mature clients especially love a lighter version. Try a safe colour: Light brown 40% Graphote 60% first on clients with sparse brows. 5-7 minute development

For other bold clients:
Belmacil Tint: 1cm of colour &2-3 drops of oxidant.
Dark brown 40%, Graphite 30%, light brown 30%. 5 minute development

Dont forget; keep your lines sharp and clean and add sligtly longer tail ends

Fashion Statement

Model Material

She or he could be model material and the brows are a statement? Keep the brows groomed and natural as possible.

Colours? All brown shades with graphite mix.

Belmacil Tint: 1cm of colour &2-3 drops of oxidant.

Dark brown 50% light brown 30% graphite 20%

The Ultimate brown

Rich chocolate brown!

Green and Red 50-50 mix which can be altered to your desired effect.