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Our New Celebrity Brow Sculpting Course



This is a unique course that will help you learn how to shape and wax your clients eyebrows perfectly.

Using only the best brands, we have combined this course to offer you knowledge in the Adam & Eve, Elleebana , and Belmacil ranges.

We are incorporating some celebrity styling techniques used by Kelly Baker, brow artist to many famous people such as Kim Kardashain.

Learn how to offer a perfected aftercare service using Kelly Bakers signiture products. 

This Is kelly Baker Queen Of Brows!

She is the beauty behind her amazing product line. Learn about her products as we show you how to apply them in class.

Award winning arch and celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur and social media beauty maven Kelley Baker knew her calling early on after witnessing the confidence boost each of her clients left with after she had transformed their brows. Thirteen years later, she is now known as one of the worlds most coveted celeb arch artists with a reputation for shaping brows in a manner that can only be described as perfection. Kelley has a knack for social media and utilized the Instagram platform, sharing her world as a brow artist by posting real time images and videos of her clients in her chair, from her chic salon in Venice, CA on Main Street. Kelley’s charisma and amazing brow transformations quickly turned her into a social media sensation and developed a cult following of over 750,000 fans; setting the internet on fire with perfectly shaped sleek brows desired by women around the world.

Courses Cover


  • Insurance, council and business requirements
  • Consultation + cancellation polices
  • Brow shapes + design according to face mapping
  • Skin types and conditions
  • Adam & Eve waxing product knowledge
  • Brow measurements + mapping
  • Handling reactions and emergencies
  • Aftercare product applications
  • Kelly Baker product application
  • Brow retail product sales information

Our Courses

Adam & Eve Brow Waxing and Shaping

+ Belmacil tint & KBB brows

Full day training course to help you learn how to measure brows and apply products safely. This course is a strong focus on waxing using Adam& Eve Waxing system.

  • Learn how to effectively mix Belmacil colours for longevity and mixing according to the face tones and facial features.
  • Learn face mapping
  • Safely apply Adam & Eve waxing products
  • Use KBB products in class and learn how to style celebrity brows!
  • Certificate


Price $499+gst

From $10 ppw interest free

Includes Sample products from Adam & Eve + $50 voucher for Belmaicl products

Henna Brow Course

+KBB styling

A full day learning how to create ombre effects, full brow henna application in customized shades using the Elleebana system.

  • Learn the differences between henna and tinting
  • Ingredients
  • Face mapping
  • Skin tones + henna
  • Colour mixing
  • Brow mapping and shaping
  • Aftercare application of products
  • KBB styling
  • Certificate



Price $499

From $10 ppw interest free

Includes $50 to use on products

Tinting Or Henna Brow Demonstrations

Watch a full brow makeover with a look and learn session – 2 hours

Includes take home application run down

$50 voucher for training or products

Workshop certificate


  •  Personalised session learning the art of perfecting the brow
  • Cover Henna or tinting with live client
  • See brow mapping and design


Price $150+ gst

Interest free N/A

$50 Voucher to use on training or products

Corrin has recently completed one of our celebrity brow courses. She found it informative and now is implementing the knowledge into her salon.

By doing our course she could speed up her techniques, learn how to perfect and measure and find out Amy’s secrets to mixing the right henna colours!


Henna Brow Range

Interest Free Plans

From $10 per week!